Becoming an HVAC Tech: What You Should Know

Becoming an HVAC Tech: What You Should Know

Global Heating and Air Conditioning has an experienced team that provides repairs, heating services, air conditioning, and solar panel installations. With the right trajectory, you could end up being part of such a team. Read on to see how you can become an HVAC tech and work at a company like Global Heating and Air Conditioning.


As you consider a career as an HVAC tech, you should familiarize yourself with the responsibilities that you can expect to have. You may be asked to oversee installations and troubleshoot equipment. You need to abide by local HVAC codes to make sure that everything is being done in a way that is copacetic with the area. You need to be detail-oriented and provide technical support. There may be a need for collaboration with sales and engineering to figure out the best ways to fulfill the needs of the customers. And as much of a curveball as it can be, you might need to run after-hours on occasion. If you feel that you can carry out these duties, then this may be the career for you.

Required Education

In California, you have to be at least 18 years old and have four years of experience in this type of work. Not everyone starts out wanting to get into the HVAC tech profession right away, so it might be far from the minds of many high school students. Regardless, high school education is required. You have a head start if you studied math, physics, and vocational education since they are heavily related to this line of work. So pat yourself on the back if you have taken these classes and received a high school diploma or an equivalent.

While college is not a prerequisite, you are free to take related courses. You are able to find classes on heating and air conditioning at different community colleges, technical schools, and trade schools. Just keep in mind that it could take anywhere between six months and two years to get a certificate or an associate’s degree. After taking college courses, you could even try an apprenticeship, which could last three to five years. While not required, it could be worth taking, as it allows you the opportunity to learn from seasoned techs about tool use, safety, blueprints, etc.

Acquiring a License

Once you are experienced and ready for the next big step in your career, you can take the exam. If you pass the test and are deemed capable of the job, then you will receive your license, which shows customers that you know what you are doing. When interacting with customers, it is important to be polite and respectful. You may have the power to fix their problems, but it goes without saying that humans should treat each other well regardless of the career path. Professionalism is essential, so be a beacon that paints HVAC techs in a good light.


You might be wondering about the money that can be made through this occupation. An annual wage report from May 2018 reveals that the lowest 10% of people with the HVAC tech occupation made less than $29,460. Meanwhile, the top 10% made north of $76,230. The median annual wages were between $46,000 and $51,000. With this in mind, you can rest assured knowing that there is a living that can be made. However, you should remember that it is not just about money. As an HVAC tech, you have the responsibility of helping people live or work more comfortably.

Opportunity is in the Air

If this career intrigues you and you are willing to go through the steps that are required (and perhaps more), then go ahead and start the path toward becoming an HVAC tech. When you get to the point where you are experienced with HVAC systems, a place like Global Heating and Air Conditioning just might work out for you. Working with an experienced team of professionals, you can take pride in knowing that you would be helping people control the temperature of their interior environments, thus making life a bit easier.


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