Pro Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Pro Tips for Organizing Your Garage

The summer and spring are often popular times for people to reorganize their garages. It’s often when people start to open up their garages in the warmer months that they feel motivated to reorganize. As junk removal professionals we handle a wide range of garage organization tasks. Here are some of our top tips on how you can better organize your garage!

Start by Removing the Clutter

Contact us first and we can begin by emptying your garage as well as removing any of the clutter in the area. We ensure that you can stay safe and the largest items in your garage are properly removed and disposed of. We can help you to separate your items out into groups and dispose of the clutter.

Clean the Garage When it is Empty

Once we finish our work be sure to sweep out your garage, do any painting and organizing before you start to move stuff back in. This can be the perfect time for you to add items like shelves and more.

Build an Organization Plan

After cleaning out the space and adding any additions, you’ll have to have a plan for moving all your stuff back in. Having a set layout for where you will put your tools, where you might want your vehicles to go and how you might want to store items like bikes or lawn tools can help you with putting things away.

Stick to Your Plan

Once you have an organizational plan in place and the garage is properly cleaned, make sure that you stick with your plan. Keep items in their place and make sure that you aren’t stacking new items in the garage that don’t fit the plan. It’s a slippery slope when it comes to collecting clutter or keeping your garage organized!

This post was written by Chad Merk. Chad is the owner of Dad and Son Hauling. Dad and Son Hauling is a family-owned and operated company that offers junk removal in St Petersburg FL. They do everything from full house cleanouts to simple appliance removal. Dad and Son hauling is your one-stop shop for all your Junk removal needs.

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