Short verses long haul trucking

Short verses long haul trucking

Trucking jobs are either described or characterized as long or short haul. While these terms do not have very strict definitions, short-haul trucking often refers to driving within a 150-mile radius while long-haul drivers usually refer to as driving radius of 250 miles or more.

Thus said, long haul trucking in Chicago involves a situation where drivers will spend more time away from home: many are on the road for weeks or months compared to short-haul truckers. In comparison, short hauling involves shorter distances and more stops and local work. There are tricky loading docks to put up with mainly in short hauling and therefore drivers require mastery of different driving skills such as backing up. Short haul drivers usually make up to four stops per day loading and unloading at these locations.

In contrast, long haul drivers spend a lot of time traveling on large highways and they will generally carry loads for two or more days before unloading.

While that is the difference in loading, selection of short or long-haul types of driving may depend on a number of things among them.

Nevertheless, both hauling types do provide all kinds of trucking services such as JIT pick-up & delivery, expedited, dedicated contract services, U.S. customs bonded, HAZMAT, GPS tracking, air-ride trailers with e-tracking & straight trucking services.

Other services include port & rail drayage, intermodal, international, less-than-truckload, temperature sensitive & specialized equipment.

You might also look for trucking services based on type, nature, size and form of products and equipment you want to haul. For instance, you might need to transport perishable items, oversized equipment, hazardous goods and other kinds of categorization of products. Most long haul trucking services are able to deliver less-than truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), container, recurring and complex freight or cargo shipments from origin to destination without any problems.

The motor carrier options are available from truckers including flatbed trucks, dry vans, reefers, goosenecks, step decks, and lowboys. This is an example of trucking service based on the type of goods or commodity that you may want to transport.

Long hauling also includes freight consulting and management, supply chain management, and logistics services. Some hauling services haul specialized products such as perishable items where the container is fitted with temperature-control devices to control room temperature and ensure products won’t spoil. Hazardous cargo may also require being stored in a particular way to avoid spillage and pollution while in transit.

The nature of task at hand may also determine the type of trucking service you hire. Trucking in Chicago is available for handling dimensional trucking services even on a long hauling arrangement. Thus you might want to handle permits, pilot and pole/pull cars, route surveys, police escorts, and road closures and support vehicles. You might be looking for a service that meets DOT standards.

If you are in need of heavy haul trucking services, you might need to haul equipment for installation, HVAC rigging, leveling, alignment, millwright, machine foundations, machine handling & plant relocations.

In other cases, short hauling may be applicable in more specialized and localized situations such as in removal and trucking services. These include tree, stump and canopy removal, grading of land, site preparation, inter and intra state hauling, heavy construction equipment, logs, wood products and gravel. This applies for both commercial and residential needs.

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