Three Building and Construction Trends to Watch in 2018

Three Building and Construction Trends to Watch in 2018

Technology has a great impact on the building and construction industry. Most design and construction ideas that were considered to be science-fiction or gimmicks are currently being integrated into the mainstream construction industry. Currently, there are new practical applications for building technology that is being created at a rapid pace to help improve the construction industry.

With the shortage of long-term labor and other problems such as economic constraints and failure to embrace technological advancements, contractors and other Masonry Wall Design & Engineering experts are forced to look for new ways to enhance their productivity. These trends have not escaped the attention of entrepreneurs and investors. Taking advantage of this situation, investors have started funding, technology firms that are working on the next generation of design and construction hardware and software tools. Here are the 3 top commercial construction trends to watch for in 2018.

Green Technology in Construction

Green construction technology is a rapidly growing sector in the commercial building field. Currently, most commercial buildings have incorporated this technology into the building and construction process. Green construction is a technique of designing and building commercial projects in an environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient way. This technology covers various processes including design, construction, renovation, and demolition.

The green construction method is not that different from other emerging technologies since the utility, economy, and durability are all essential facets of the entire process. With the current growth in population and crumbling buildings, there is the need for more environmentally friendly building.

Also, building companies need to focus much on the longevity of the structure. Together with other construction techniques, experts are currently doing more research on the green construction projects. This technology has led to thermally driven HVAC systems, carbon scrubbing, building facades, materials from recycled cigarette butts and asphalt.

Building Information Modelling

One of the leading design-build technological trends in the building and construction industry is the internet of things. It is an integrated network which connects smart gadgets together, allowing the collection of data and assessment of information while providing automation opportunities and services.

This technology can be used in your home to connect heating, lighting and security systems. in addition to these you can automate these units to activate at a set and specific times. In the building and construction sector, this technology is used in monitoring, construction tool tracking, supply replenishment, equipment repair, and service.

Advanced Building Materials

As new technologies enter into the building and construction technology, building materials are advancing at an incredible rate. Also, the technology is enabling more research and development in the industry. Currently, there have been new technologies such as self-healing concrete, which includes calcite-precipitation bacteria that germinates when water enters through the cracks in the decaying concrete which fills emerging air gaps. There is also kinetic paving which is a technology that generates electricity from the footsteps of pedestrians. In addition to these technologies, there are the 4D printed structures which have the ability to self-assemble or re-shape over time.

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