Starting a Mobile Washing Service in Tucson


When the economy gets tough most economists and small business consultants recommend service businesses as the best bet. The Service Industry is generally the last sector to be hit hard and one of the first to recovery, and when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense really, so perhaps, that advice is worthy of note.


One cool service business to be in is the mobile washing business, as you can operate it solo, without employees. So, let’s say you are in Tucson, AZ for instance, and let’s say you wish to start such a business there, how might you go about it? Well, yesterday, we took a few questions on this topic and perhaps, we should share them with you.


In all your experience and types of washing you offer, what is the quickest thing I can offer to start making money as soon as possible?


Well, the highest ticket price washing comes from Awnings of Businesses, Wheelchairs at Hospitals, and aircraft at airports. Although, each of these is difficult to pick up accounts, and as far as cash flow is concerned businesses with awnings such as restaurants and retail will be slow to pay during recessionary times; so too will hospitals.


Most aircraft owners are fast to pay on their accounts payable, but it takes time to build up customers, unless you get a deal with Schlumberger to wash all those 747s just West of Tucson, or a regional airline account? Still, I imagine they would not be the fastest to pay. If you like to clean aircraft then the USAF might be an idea, of course those bids take a while to secure, 90-days at least and they’ll send it out to bid?


Indeed, I heard the guy washing the Cement Trucks out by Mariana was making some big bucks. We did well in Tucson, as there is a lot to wash with the population in the area nearly 700,000 now, but there are a lot of little competitors running around too. So, you need to pick up a couple of Trucking Accounts, some concrete cleaning accounts, perhaps the Auto Auction on the South East side of town?


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