Traveling is Good for Your Heart

Traveling is Good for Your Heart

Is the weight of your job pressing down on you? Do you lay awake at night running in your head the items that you did not get checked off your ‘to do’ list? If you are feeling a little more overwhelmed than usual than it might be time to take a trip. Traveling can not only be fun and take you to interesting places but it could be good medicine for your heart and health as well. If you are one of the many people who spend countless hours in front of a screen than this could be one of the leading factors to your high stress levels. According Psychology Today, too much time spend in front of a screen (computers, tablets, smartphones, TV, etc.) can be doing serious harm to your brain and overall health. Researchers have discovered a possible link between too much time spent in front of a screen and a severe lacking in the brain’s function and structure. According to a article on USNews, traveling is good for your health. When we travel it allows us to not only get away from our stress sources but to recharge us. Traveling has also been proven to help: lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety and cut your risk of heart disease. Take some time to travel. If for nothing else, travel for your heart and sanity.

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