Panic Buttons, Duress Buttons and Home Security

Panic Buttons, Duress Buttons and Home Security

Working in some environments can be riskier than others. Many support staff in schools are required to wear a correctional duress alarm system. This is essential a panic button. These devices are worn around the neck and are a direct link to the local police department in the case of an emergency. The person wearing this alert system must understand the responsibility that comes with wearing it. The button must be held down, so it is not easy to accidentally set the alarm off. These are not used in the event of a medical emergency. Many school employees also carry walkie talkies and can communicate directly with the school office and the school nurse in the event of a medical emergency for a fellow staff member or student. It is very common for maintenance staff, PE staff and lunchroom and recess supervisors to wear these panic buttons. These staff members are frequently inside and outside of the building and will be able to spot strangers and dangers before teaching staff that is in class rooms.

Schools are not the only institution that utilizes panic buttons. Jails also use these types of alert systems to notify officers of potential threats within the correctional facility. The medical staff and correctional officers are armed with these in the event of dangers to the correctional facility or fights. Hospitals also have panic buttons. This allows for the medical staff to request a police response in the event of an emergency situation.

There are many brands of panic button devices. In addition to the commercially used duress buttons many home owners also are not utilizing these buttons in conjunction with their home security systems. Companies like ADT and Brinks that provide home security solutions have also begun supplying duress buttons to their clients. These panic buttons can be added to an existing key chain. It is recommended to keep this next to you at night while sleeping. In the event that someone is able to enter your home you will be able to quickly activate the button and alert the local police. It is not easy for a burglar to enter a home without setting off a security alarm but in some cases the home owner may forget to set their alarm. These duress buttons also are equipped with a on and off option. Home owners entering their home can click the button and deactivate their system when they enter their home. The same is true when leaving; the home owner can click the activate button to arm the house when they are exiting.

Duress buttons have become a easy way for people to feel safer in their homes and places of employment. The buttons are always linked to a security system that will immediately contact the local law enforcement authorities when the device is activated. These devices are under warranty and a monthly service agreement fee is often required. When purchasing a security system and the duress buttons is important to inquire about contract time as well as product warranty information.


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