Custom Trade Show Display

Custom Trade Show Display

The primary goal of most marketers is to increase sales that will lead to the maximization of the company’s profits. To achieve such goals, marketers should promote their businesses through custom trade show displays and business exhibitions. A trade show display is an organised event to exhibit goods and services from various companies with the intention of interacting directly with their potential customers.

The success of custom trade show displays is made easier and stress-free by the award-winning fabrication and exhibit design house known as Expo Marketing. They aim to meet your business’ desired goals that are fulfilling as it remains pocket-friendly. Their able team works hard to give you a custom trade show display with an unforgettable experience, hence giving your brand a competitive advantage than its competitors. Expo Marketing gives you the creative edge with personalized and detailed custom trade show displays.

Design Tips

Every single detail is significant when designing custom trade show displays. Both the armatures and experienced marketers might make mistakes that will automatically limit the engagement gained during the exhibition. Therefore, Expo Marketing is here to help you achieve your goals by the use of the following tips;

  • Branding what you have: Branding must consistently be on point despite the size of the custom trade show displays. Clear branding maintains the theme of the brand and ensures representation in the exhibitions ranging from the images, prints, banners, freebies, and the booth. It is essential to keep in mind the items displayed in the show event.
  • Being clear on the company’s goal: Your potential clients do not know about your brand, therefore; your aim is to give them a reason to care more about your company. Making large attractive banners that state what you offer makes your target consumers thirsty of more information that causes active interaction between the client and the marketer. The custom trade show displays promote better engagement with the clients.
  • Stand out: Your stand will be among the first thing your visitors notice. Therefore, it should be able to impress. Expo Marketing house ensures that your custom trade show displays stand out among all other booths by allowing a higher degree of customization that uses original shapes with unique designs. They add a striking look to your brand by using bold and strong colors to be able to attract more clients for your business.
  • Do not be too serious: Trade shows are quite boring because you keep repeating the same things frequently. When this happens, people see no fun during presentations. Therefore, it is vital to try to catch the client’s attention by turning it into something more interesting. To avoid boredom, introduce an adrenaline-boosting game to engage your clients more. You do not have to risk losing potential customers in your booth just because they are jaded. Note that, most of them avail themselves to such events ready to engage with their fun brands.
  • Give Away: Freebies gives the consumer a chance to test a product before buying it; hence they make a sane decision. Some giveaways, like caps, for instance, generate goodwill by spreading a good name for your brand. Therefore, ensure that everything you give is branded to attract passers-by who meet the attendees.
  • Mimic your showroom to your custom trade show display: Expo Marketing gives you the experience to mimic your company’s showroom to the custom trade show display like using Marquee Hire. The mimicking will highlight both the brand and the service that the company offers. It offers a platform to connect with the consumer giving a solution approach when needed. It also creates a good environment for clients who love luxury shopping in a busy trade showground.


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