Economised insulations.

Economised insulations.

Commercially, many industrial units will require high levels of heat and at times using some forms of the installation may be quite hectic. The invention of glastherm is, however, an answered prayer. This is simply because the insulations are economical in most ways. What is glastherm? It is a form of insulation that is made of glass fibers and within them are a few components that have the property of being heat resistant. They mostly apply where thermal separation takes place. They have high strength and are very reliable and accurate in terms of temperature control.


High strength.

This will enable the glastherm to bend and compress without spoilage or damage and to term it all they are said to have a good degree of flexibility. For this reason, its use is longterm and continuous and that is quite economical at a greater degree.


They have a low thermal conductivity which is quite important in maintaining optimum temperatures for different reasons.


They have outstanding

the size which is quite a unique characteristic. The exception is that despite their size they are quite stable which is very surprising and interesting at the same time.


Their work is excellent. They are quite reliable in terms of insulation and temperature control. To top it all they are also available at a very wide range.


They are quite a resistance to the action of oils and monture that makes them very durable.

Glastherm is available at a wide variety of thickness and this is quite good. Different sizes and shapes are availed by distributors at different rates.

What are the advantages of glastherm?

Reduced energy consumption.

Due to the high insulation characteristic, the glastherms are very reliable when it comes to saving energy in plants. There is also the trait of low thermal conductivity that makes it a good insulator.

Production oh high-quality products.

Due to high heat resistance and temperature control, machines installed with this insulator are very reliable when it comes to making products that are of high quality.

Availability at all times

Machines installed with glastherms take long to heat and for this reason machines at plants are very reliable when it comes to performing operations at plants.

Easy to work with

This is because of their flexibility. They are able to bend and be compressed


Hydraulic wood and plastic presses.

They are used especially in plunges, in dyes and also in molds. They are very reliable in this case because of the production of low heat and also because the processes in hydraulics are quite short.

Tool and mold construction.

This is basically where the insulators are very reliable since high heat is required to mold in plastics into different shapes and they are quite applicable and economic.

Rubber production and tire molding.

Such processes require a lot of heat and for efficiency purpose, it is necessary to consider an insulation method that is quite reliable and glastherms are quite the best to fit that task.

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