Where to Watch Mythological Movies

Where to Watch Mythological Movies

Mythological movies are films that are either based on, or somehow related to mythology and myths. They either embody a myth, include appearances of mythological creatures and/or personas, or simply base their characters and stories on a well-known mythological tale or living beings. These movies, and series, are featured in the Fantasy movie genre, obviously, as their execution can work its magic the at best level with the help of special effects.

Since ‘mythological‘ is not considered as a genre by itself, these type of movies walk hand-in-hand with a variety of other genres, most common probably being action and Sci Fi films. Mythological action movies that were, and still are, a great success are films like Hercules, Thor, Clash of the Titans, Excalibur, and the all-time classic, Jason and the Argonauts. As for the series in this particular department, the number one is most certainly Game of Thrones, but people also enjoy Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and the newest favorite, Stranger Things.

The horror genre is also no stranger to mythology movies, just think about the number of vampire movies out there, or movies based on some sort of curses, hauntings, and disappearances or gruesome deaths of deranged murderers; it almost looks like every horror comes from a myth of some sort, but the most significant ones in this sections are the two classic movies Nosferatu, and Dracula, and the more modern films, based mostly on urban legends and myths, Candyman, The Mothman Prophecies, Krampus, and The Mummy. There truly is nothing better than a good scare based on an old legend.

When it comes to mythology movies, the specter is extremely wide and it is just getting wider by the day, since there are a lot of intriguing myths and tales circling around the world. Movies that came from the tales Iliad and Odyssey of the well-known Greek author Homer were a big hit from the moment the first movie was made, L’Odisseaback in 1911, and there were many remakes and additional films made since then, which got a lot of well-deserved ‘golden stars’; Helen of Troy, Ulysses, The Fury of Achilles, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Troy.

There are so many movies and series to find in this particular section, so if you are in the mood for some mythology, find your favorite movie or series at the free-to-watch website fusionmovies.to.


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