The Effect of Changing a Garage Door

The Effect of Changing a Garage Door

Owning a home comes with a necessity to take care of the home’s exterior. Your garage door is an integral part of your home exterior. You may overlook the need to replace the garage door despite its function of being a home’s front profile. Maintaining your garage door will for sure give you return on investment. Here are the Top 5 resons to replace your garage door .

Adds Value to Your Home

Any time you think of the value for your home, consider curb appeal. When someone walks into your compound, the first features seen are the garage. Renown Realtors established that a new, well-designed garage door increases the value of a home to almost 83%. Maintenance of garage doors is important to preserve the home’s resale value. Factors that affect the value of your home such as location are out of your control, however, improving your home profile by upgrading the garage door is. Replacement of a garage door has an instant effect on sale value.

Reduce Bills

Worn out garage doors have poor insulation, resulting in high consumption on heating as well as cooling. When you replace an old door with a new one, it will over a short period of time repay. You will notice lower energy bills during summer and winter. The household expenses will ultimately be reduced to manageable levels. New garage doors ensure that the house is well sealed, preventing heat and cold loss during winter and summer seasons respectively. Get a thicker material for your garage door for effective insulation.

All Weather Safe Storage and Security

Garages are also used as storage facilities for items that may not fit inside the house. A poorly insulated garage door poses a risk of your stored items being damaged by harsh weather conditions. For the interest of personal security, your garage door needs to be fitted well to prevent unauthorized entry or breaking in. Your car needs to be parked in a safe place, free of theft and damages that may be caused by bad weather. To enhance security through your garage door, fit one that is steel and has a system that enables changing of the code.

Technology has made it easier for you to have secure garage doors when alarms are installed, you can rest assured that your home is safe. Some garage doors have a security system that alerts the homeowner when the door is open. You can use an app to remotely control your garage door. With the dynamic technology, your security has not only been made affordable but enjoyable too.

Decreased Maintenance Cost

Old garage doors require frequent maintenance. A new one on the other hand, especially automatic significantly decreases the maintenance cost. You may opt to install the carriage garage door, it has both the traditional wooden design and low-cost benefit. Old garage doors experience several mechanical faults which end up eating into the maintenance budget.

Lowers the Cost of Insurance 

Replacing an old wooden garage door with a steel one significantly cuts down the premiums. During natural calamities, old garage doors are at risk of being damaged, increasing your premium rates. New steel garage doors can withstand harsh weather, lowering the possibility of an insurance claim. Each time you replace the garage door, let the insurance review your premium rate.

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