Interesting Conference Gift Bags Ideas To Impress The Audience

Interesting Conference Gift Bags Ideas To Impress The Audience

There is a trend of gifting swag bags, goodie bags, etc. in a conference event. A lot of people have a habit of throwing them after the conference gets over. So, whatever money a business puts in creating these gifts goes waste. It doesn’t yield any return.

In this article, we will tell you a few interesting conference gift bag ideas that your recipient will find useful and memorable.

Luxury Products

If you are organizing a grand event and have a large budget for swag bags then you can fill your luxury containers with luxury items such as innovative tech products, holiday tickets, travel tickets, tickets to sports events, etc.

Custom Earth Promos is a leading USA based company that manufactures and sells eco-friendly custom shopping bags worldwide. their specializations include reusable custom bags, top quality face masks, water bottles, recycled water bottles, etc.


Headphones are one of the commonly used items. Your event participants will be happy to get it a free goodie. To create the best image, a business should invest in superior quality headphones that are either wireless, wired, or over-the-head headphones. They are good for personal use as well as to gift their close ones on special occasions.

Sports/Fitness Accessories

Who doesn’t like to stay fit and healthy? Looking at the increasing health consciousness nature of people, fitness products and sports accessories are a good swag bag option. Fitbit, yoga mats, a branded sports backpacks, a health supplement, shaker, etc. are some of the good contents that your event attendees will like.

E-Book Readers

This is the perfect item that works best for corporate attendees who do not have the time to read printed books. It is also beneficial for those who frequently travel and do not have extra space for paperbacks.

An e-book reader is a technology gadget that makes it easier for people to read anytime and anywhere easily. Like it on the costlier side, you can keep it for early-bird registrations. It is going to be a memorable gift for sure.

USB Memory Sticks

USB memory sticks are another great gift for all the attendees of your conference event. To make it more appealing, choose the sticks in different colors, themes, and designs. Fill the sticks with conference-related documents to enrich the knowledge of the users. The best part of this gift is that the knowledge stored in the sticks can be shared among different people that will, in turn, help in increasing the visibility of the business.

Power Banks

A USB style Power bank is another very useful item that is ideal to fill inside a swag back. It helps them charge their phones in less time. This is especially useful for event attendees who travel a lot. The power bank is a utility device to charge your smartphone quickly and easily. Choose a USB-style power banks


A business should be mindful of the content that it puts inside the gift bag. All the gift bags need to be ergonomic, convenient to use, and comfortable to pack. The above ideas will help create the desired impression of the business on the minds of event participants and encourage them to use them.

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